The Helmet Butler is a convenient way to protect, store and even display your helmet and protective equipment. The revolutionary design of the Helmet Butler accommodates any size and type of helmet on the top tray*. The arm of the Helmet Butler has two reinforced holes, allowing you to hang two garments using any standard size hanger. A conveniently placed accessory clip at the front of the arm keeps your gloves or accessories within reach.

We all have different ways of storing our power sports equipment when we are done using it.

Many riders tend to leave a helmet on the seat of their bike. This could lead to a fall that will render the helmet useless in the event of a crash. Others will toss their jacket over the front of the bike, scratching its finish and making awkward lumps in the material of the jacket. Get a Helmet Butler today to keep your gear protected and ready for the ride.

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Attached accessory clip
2 Garment holes
Top replicates helmet neck roll

Concave shape helps hold your helmet securely and promotes venting to help dry the helmets interior.
Helmet bags can be used for dust free storage.
Break away design prevents accidental bumps against the Helmet Butler.

*Accommodates 99% of helmets on the market today.
If you are concerned about your helmet working with the Helmet Butler please contact us.


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