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Why do I need a Helmet Butler for my equipment?

Any powersport enthusiast has hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dollars worth of protective equipment. The Helmet Butler helps to protect and increase the life of your safety equipment by properly storing it.

Jackets that are hung improperly can have stretched and worn areas which can lead to tears and weak spots. A simple 3 foot fall off the seat of a motorcycle can render any helmet useless in the event of a crash. Whether you are done riding for the day or the season, your equipment deserves proper storage.

The Helmet Butler is made with pride in the USA by powersport enthusiasts just like you!

Help insure that your equipment is stored properly and safely by using the Helmet Butler today!


How much equipment and weight will the Helmet Butler hold?

Whether you have a full leather race suit for the track, or all the cold weather gear to keep you warm on a fresh powder trail, rest assured that the Helmet Butler will be there to securely hold your gear when you are done riding.

The design of the Helmet Butler mimics the neck roll of a helmet, allowing it to accommodate ANY size and style helmet*. There are two reinforced holes in the arm of the Helmet Butler, allowing you to hang two garments using any standard size hanger. The accessory clip allows you to hang a pair of gloves or other smaller accessory such as keys or shields. This clip is included in your initial order. Additional clips are available for purchase.

The Helmet Butler is made from high strength injected plastics. It has been tested to hold more than 50 lbs. of equipment. Please note, the accessory clip is only designed to hold 2 lbs.

*Accommodates 99% of helmets on the market today.
If you are concerned about your helmet working with the Helmet Butler please contact us.


What is the Helmet Butler made of?

The Helmet Butler is proudly made in the USA from high strength plastics, through injection molding. It starts with granular plastic pellets that are heated and then injected into a mold under extreme heat and pressure. Once cooled, the Helmet Butler is removed from the mold. It is designed to withstand years of powersport equipment storage in all climates.


How is the Helmet Butler mounted?

All hardware needed to mount the Helmet Butler is included in the box, along with step-by-step photographed instructions. Hardware included is: wall bracket, oval top and (3) Phillips head screws for mounting. You will first need to locate and mark a stud in the wall to ensure proper installation. Note: We do not recommend the use of wall anchors or wall mollies. Using a power driver, drive the longest screw into the top mounting hole, then using a level, check that the side of the wall bracket is vertically plumb. Then drive the second longest screw into the bottom mounting hole. Once the wall bracket is mounted, take the oval top of the Helmet Butler and place the top on the locator pin of the wall bracket. Align the hole for the top mounting screw, using a hand screwdriver only, tighten the screw. Note: do not over tighten any hardware. If mounting to any surface other than wood, additional, specialty hardware may be required.


What is the Helmet Butler Vision Care System?

The idea for the Vision Care System came while on a circle tour of Michigan's Great Lakes. We had experienced changes in weather, swarms of large mosquitoes and the occasional unpaved road. These conditions lead to our shields being filthy for long highway stretches in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. After that trip we began working on a compact system that would include everything to clean and polish your shield in a moments notice, anywhere your ride may take you. For those times when you forgot your sunglasses, or did not feel like carrying your extra shield, we have also included a strip of static cling tint film that can be applied or removed in seconds.

The vision care system includes the following globally sourced components.
A compact water resistant abs plastic case with a cam latch, rubber gasket & bumpers for skid resistance. This case measures 5" wide x 3 1/2" deep x 1 1/2" tall.
Fingertip sprayer with 30ml (1oz) of our green cleaner. Our environmentally friendly formula is alcohol, ammonia and V.O.C. free.
A 6" x 6" blue loop style, antimicrobial microfiber cloth for removing dirt & grime.
A 6"x 6" gold 220 gram microfiber polishing cloth and storage pouch.
15" x 2" strip of Insta-Tint static cling tint, rolled and stored in a clear plastic tube.

Sorry, we can not ship the Vision Care System outside of the United States.


How do I pay for my purchase?

Currently we use PayPal for processing all sales, during checkout you will be redirected to PayPal to complete payment. We do not collect or store any of your credit card information, any and all personal information is used for the sole purpose of processing and shipping your order and will never be given out. If you wish to use a payment method other than PayPal please contact us. Alternative methods include square terminal or personal checks mailed to our P.O. Box, once payment is cleared we will process and ship your order.


How is my purchase shipped?

During checkout you will be asked to select a shipping address. By default your billing address is also your shipping address, however you can choose to ship to another address during checkout or in the account maintenance link. After you have selected a shipping address you will be asked to select a shipping method. Typically the United States postal service (USPS) has the best rates for shipping 1-3 Helmet Butlers. We use USPS and UPS for all shipments, we use their respective shipping API's to retrieve the actual shipping costs we will pay to ship your order. We are based in Michigan, orders to the East side of the United States usually cost around $6-$10 and West side of the United States usually cost around $11-$14 for a single Helmet Butler. Orders ship within 24 hours, most orders placed before 12PM Eastern will ship same day! Orders of 2 or more Helmet Butlers will be bulk packed (individually wrapped Helmet Butlers packaged together without the retail box) to save space and weight thus reducing the shipping cost to you. Our shipping platform will determine the best way to package and ship these orders, if you prefer that all your Helmet Butlers be boxed individually (for gifts etc.) please send us an e-mail and we will promptly respond.


U.S. Government Employee Discounts

We at Helmet Butler would like to thank the people that serve our country. If you are current or retired military, firefighter, paramedic or police personnel please click here to visit our contact us page. Please enter your information as well as a brief description of your service including branch of service and rank if applicable. A sales representative will contact you within 24 hours via email with the discount information. 


International Orders

Our website only accepts sales in the United States. If you are an international customer please click here and send us your shipping information, quantity of items and color combination desired. A sales representative will respond promptly with a total price for your order. Sorry, we can not ship the Vision Care System, or any of it's liquid components outside of the United States.


Returns & Warranty

We want you to be completely satisfied with your order. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your order, you may return your item(s) for a prompt refund. Refunds will only be honored 30 days after original purchase and must be returned in original box, in good condition with all hardware and accessories. You must contact Helmet Butler and obtain a return material authorization (RMA) number. There are no refunds on shipping and customer is responsible for return shipping.

The Helmet Butler is covered by a one year worry-free warranty against manufacturing defects.



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